What's Inside The App

Accept Online Bookings 24/7

Keep your booking channels open 24/7 and let your clients book their appointments on your App.

Membership, Classes, Events or Tickets?

If you sell membership subscriptions to your clients, offer classes and events or want to issue tickets for your sessions we have got you covered!

Reduce no shows & Double bookings

Send tailored reminders before scheduled appointments. Eliminate last-minute cancellations by charging a deposit upfront. Avoid double booking your time by synchronising your personal calendar with your online booking schedule.

Client information upon booking

Create customised intake forms to gather client information during the booking process. You can request texts & digits, checkbox, drop-down or date responses.

Maximize Customer Engagement With Push Notifications

Push notifications are the ultimate tool to run promotions and generate additional sales by making sure your message is read. Customers are 10x more likely to read a Push Notification over a promotional email.